• Omeri Monroe

Tips to stop your mind from racing

Updated: Apr 13, 2018

Failure, success, family, friends, ads, emails so on and so!! We live in a world of things and ideas that insidiously cloud our mind and control our actions.

If you're like me and have had issues with a racing mind read along!

"Its like I cant focus! My mind is so all over the place and im on auto-pilot but im not here"

The first thing you need to grasp is actually the "what" that your mind is asking you. Some times we stay up countless nights thinking "what should I do about this thing or that thing. its like being in an interview with 12 people asking you questions all at once. Grab a sheet of paper, sit and write down all the questions you are asking yourself. Don't solve them yet, write them all down. When you have a few down then tell yourself to go to the top of the list and only solve one at a time.

Ask yourself "how am I going to handle this" then go to the next. once you do this you will be on your way

2. Organize then prioritize

Next separate your life into categories. Self, kids/spouse and work/groups. Write down all the things YOU feel you need to get done or get started in each section. When you have that down, number each thing in your list from most critical to least in each section then get started at it!

Seems like really simple stuff but it really makes a big difference. Often times the lines of priority get blurred. I mean lets face it, we know we have to help the kids with daily things, we've got to go to work, cook, sleep, become millionaires and remember grandmas birthday. When you slow down and take small bits in this fashion it really makes it simple

3. Walk in your own light

Now this is something that's not really a quick fix because it might take some time to figure out. But how often do we sway our thoughts to fit our culture or society? How often do we not just DO what we believe is right because we feel like we will be frowned upon?

Ive found that some of the people who we think will frown upon us actually have more messed up stuff going on in life than we do! Most of these people can make you feel like crap and we "imagine" all the things people would say to us if we did the things we actually think. Im here to tell you. FUCK IT!

Go make that leap, take that journey try that business idea what ever it is. DO IT! Some of the mind noise we hear inside is us playing out all these different scenarios of what would happen if we did what we truly felt. Take time out and find "YOUR" purpose and walk in it. When you start to come in line with what you actually think and feel, you will worry less, work happier and feel able to move forward with less noise.

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