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How to buy used car for cheap! 5 five things to know.

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

1) what part of town are you buying the car from?

It’s a good chance that if you bought a used car from a person and they live in a neighborhood that is low income, they probably didn’t take good care of the vehicle. In fact they are probably the third or fourth owner of the vehicle, avoid those places at all Costs. Don't buy the $1000 "it looks okay" car because it probably wont run good for long. How do I Know? Because after my 3rd lemon from these areas I figured I'd find other places to look and save up more cash.

2) know exactly how much you would like to spend assume that you want to spend only $3000. look for a car that cost $4000 when you get there ask the person if they are willing to except your $3000 cash right now! Chances are they will take it and you will get a nicer car

3) here are some things check Exhaust, brakes, brake lines, starter, battery, alternator, radiator, hoses, see if the vehicle is leaning to one side or another. Also check under the car to see if it’s leaking when you backed the car up. Are there any oil spots on the ground? Make sure that the steering wheel turns smoothly, make sure that when you shift the car while you’re driving it goes from gear to gear smoothly and there’s no hangup or a lag time, this could mean that the transmission is failing. Check the oil make sure that there isn’t any gunk in the oil if there is you will definitely have a bad engine. Make sure the car is not completely rusted out underneath, if so the car will surely fall to pieces. My Pontiac engine fell out after driving out the parking lot, that’s because the bottom was so rusted out the motor mounts gave in

4) If you’re going to pay in cash please use a money order This way it’s official and there’s a receipt. Do not give a stranger cash! If you need to return the car then you have no proof that you paid for it, they will just disappear and you will be stuck with a crappy car

5) Check in the newspaper There are always used cars for sale by private owners. Most of the time it’s because there was a death in the family and now they need to get rid of a car fast. Most likely they’re pretty decent cars and maybe 1 owner or 2. Try driving around the outskirts of your city in the rural areas. You will most likely find cars on front lawns for sale for below market value and in pretty decent shape! Most of those people have more than one car anyway and just want to get rid of a car just to buy a new one!

that time you realized you bought a lemon


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