Being vocal about life lessons!

"I really just have fun with the words"

-Omeri Monroe


Peace and light! 

Omeri, is a fantastic artist, singer and song writer. Inspired by the 70’s R&B and pop classics constantly playing on the radio in the background at home. at an early age began singing along and cultivating his own sound. Shortly after he began writing his own lyrics and entertaining his friends. Growing up in the inner city of Buffalo, New York, his turbulent teen years brought about new experiences and aspirations of dancing and performing professionally. He spent time developing his dance skills and eventually auditioned for Americas Best Dance Crew. Continuing down the pathway of the aspiring entertainer he purchased his first guitar and continued to write. 

One of his  perspectives on songs is " When I hear songs like Donny Hathaway's A song for you,  Im in another place, good songwriting should do that."

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